Safety at work
sicurezza.pngSafety at work is an absolute commitment of Stara Glass.

Stara Glass believes in the ethic of safety, considering it a priority for the society, and therefore established rules to be followed in each phase of its activity that, if correctly applied, guarantee a lower risk for people health and safety, and a better quality for the product.

Stara Glass is also deeply committed in personnel training, the essential instrument to obtain the respect for and the application of safety rules.
Each Stara Glass employed concurs respecting safety rules and defined operative standard, and searching for a constant improvement of any process, in order to reduce, one by one, any risk connected to all working activity.
Results are never to be taken as reached, attention and solidarity must always be the highest to let the conviction of safety system’s effectiveness grow stronger and stronger.

To reach safety targets, Stara Glass believes in communication to be developed in the most different contexts, starting from the inside to train, inform and involve all workers.
Stara Glass adopted its safety management system in order to:

  • help the constant improve of health and safety levels on the workplace;
  • minimize all risks for Stara Glass and third-party companies workers, thus progressively reducing health and safety costs too;
  • increase Stara Glass efficiency and improve performance.

Stara Glass is firmly convinced that the integration of heath defense in its procedures represents the heart of a 360 degrees workplace prevention managing system, because it is the first field application of society policy and organization.
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