Research and Development
For several years, Stara Glass has been deeply engaged in R&D activities in the field of glass furnaces, mainly focusing on the following aspects:
  • thumb2_cfd3.jpgincrease the furnace thermal efficiency
  • decrease of fuel consumptions
  • reduction of plant managing costs
  • development of new metallic and ceramic materialsto improve performanceand extend lifeof the furnace components working under the most critical situations
  • lowering of waste gas pollution,in particular NOx
  • optimization the furnace mathematical modeling under all the aspects related to cost efficiency and thermo-fluid dynamics
  • improvement of the inspection system for a better evaluation of the state of working materials
  • analyze the physical system glass furnace in each of its aspects with the more evolved methodologies of computational fluid-dynamics (CFD)
The most recent successful achievement of Stara Glass R&D department is the realization of Centauro the hybrid regenerative – recuperative heat recovery system. Stara Glass intends to further develop these studies on Centauro in order to get the highest benefits deriving from the  recently acquired patent.

Stara Glass has given its cooperation and still takes part in many research programs, such as:

  • thumb_res.jpgPUMA - (Progetto Unit Melter AvanzatiAdvanced Unit Melter Design), with the partners: Ansaldo Ricerche (Genoa), CETMA (Brindisi), ENEA (Faenza), Scandiuzzi SUD (Brindisi), Saint Gobain Vetri (Gazzo Veronese - VR)
  • CORE - Development of new components  conceived to increase plant thermal efficiency and life in glass furnaces, in cooperation with the  partner Ansaldo Ricerche (Genoa)
  • SEMPRE - Development of design methods and new technological solutions aimed at increasing energy recovery in complex plants: early experimentation performed in the glass industry, with the partners: CETMA (Brindisi), ENEA (Faenza), Neubor Glass (San Vito al Tagliamento - PN)
  • RECAVE - Advanced Heat Recovery in Glass Furnaces, with Consorzio SIRE (Dynamic simulation and Virtual Realiity). Starting from a detailed study about regeneration chambers optimization, Stara Glass started an important cooperation with a remarkable reality of CFD, resident in Savona University.
  • PRIME GLASS (LIFE)- solutions for NOx containment in regenerative and hybrid furnaces, by the means of waste gas recirculation e post-combustion techniques, with Università degli Studi di Genova and Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro SSV.

    life.jpg ssv.jpg ssv.jpg
  • IPS-FILSE HUMMING- Control and detection of thermo-acoustic instability in power gas turbines: in this wide range project, Stara Glass co-operates with Ansaldo Energia, Tirreno Power and again with Università degli Studi di Genova and Consorzio SI.RE to develop mathematical models and measurement and control systems for high and very high temperature combustion optimization in different industrial fields.

The Stara Glass R&D activities have given rise to various Italian and International patents, mainly concerned with the use of new materials and new technological solutions for plant engineering.

Download Stara Glass R&D deparment presentation Download Stara Glass R&D deparment presentation 

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