refrattari1.jpgStara Glass S.p.A. can supply a complete rangeof refractories required to build a glass production plant, according to the technical data sheets book.
In particular, through the represented companies of SEFPRO Group, Stara Glass can supply:
  • Fused cast materials made of :
    - Alumina - zircon - silica
    - Alumina - zircon - silica - chrome-oxyd
    - High alumina
    - High zircon
  • Shaped and non-shaped sintered refractory materials, based on sillimanite, mullite, high alumina, zircon, zircon-mullite, chrome, alumina-chrome.
Furthermore, Stara Glass can supply any other type of shaped and non-shaped sintered refractory material, based on silica, refractory grains, magnesite, magnesium chromite, chromite and every kind of insulating material. These products are manufactured by both Italian and foreign leading companies, with which Stara Glass has consolidated a long-time trade relationship attesting their reliability.
Stara Glass can meet the most urgent requests from its Customers, thanks to its warehouse located at Vignole Borbera (AL), suitable for several kinds of material, such as:
  • Rectangular shaped refractories based on sillimanite, magnesite and silica
  • 230 x 114 x 64 mm ASTM 23, ASTM 26, ASTM 28 and ASTM 30 rectangular shaped insulating bricks
  • 230 x 114 x 64 mm based on silica, with densities 1.2, 1.0, and 0.8 g/cm3 rectangular shaped insulating bricks
  • Special parts for Feeders
The suggestion we can give to our Customers is to contact Stara Glass to verify availability of other types of materials not included in the above list.
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