Strategic waste gas recirculation

ricircolo-graf.jpgThe problem of nitrogen oxides (NOx) containment in industrial waste gas is everyday more crucial, and the next incoming environment laws are expected to be extremely restrictive, as a right protection to ambient and life. Stara Glass designed a simple and effective solution for NOx abatement in regenerative glass furnaces. It is scientifically known that a combustion, even at very high temperature, if it is developed in ambient that presents an oxygen concentration which is lower than the 21% atmospheric one, will produce a lower amount of NOx. In different industrial fields, it is very common to lead a part of combustion gas flow inside the combustion air flow, in order to reduce oxygen concentration and, consequently, NOx production. Furthermore, introducing in combustion air molecules that characterized by a polarity, like CO2 e H2O present in waste gas, the combustion air can receive heat for radiation, thus increasing hear recovery system efficiency and decreasing furnace consumption.

Strategic waste gas recirculation can be applied to any regenerative furnace, both during the design phase, optimizing chambers design, and on operating plants. The first experiments have guaranteed more than significant abatements, and the system is under optimization, thanks to CFD studies and further ongoing experimentations within the Prime Glass project (LIFE program). The project is co-funded by European Commission and started in July 2013. For further information:

Strategic waste gas recirculation Strategic waste gas recirculation (1.20 MB) 

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