Glass Furnace Design

thumb_prog1.jpgStara Glass excels at the design of glass furnaces thanks to its constant will to improve and its extremely wide technical experitise. Furthermore, Stara Glass considers Customer satisfaction its primary target, and  to achieve this goal, the company always creates with Customers a very tight technical cooperation to optimize the work of both companies.

One of the main features that qualify Stara Glass furnace design is the project definition of glass furnace thermodynamic performance, not  just as a simple addition to structural design. This approach is based on the long standing experience in heat balance calculations on working furnaces. This activity has been done either on the furnaces directly designed and built by Stara Glass or designed and  built  by other producers, and in any case it is aimed at evaluating the energetic performance of glass furnaces.

Glass production is a plurimillenial activity but nowadays hardware and software developments allow us – and energy cost force us – to study the problematics of our activity at a much deeper level.

Stara Glass designs every type of industrial glass furnace, regenerative furnaces (End Port, Side Port), recuperative, electrical, oxy-fuel, for the production of any type of glass and similar (soda-lime, borosilicate, opal, sodium silicate; containers, perfumery, glass tube, glass fiber, glass bricks, insulators, etc.)

Stara Glass lays down its projects by means of aided design tools that are developed by its technical team, which:b5_avanforno-5.gif

  • incorporate a large database of materials including relevant main thermo-physical characteristics and their costs which are constantly updated
  • calculate the heat balance of the furnace
  • allow to dimension heat recovery systems for all furnace types (EP, UM, CENTAURO)
  • calculate the furnaces building and managing costs


When a furnace project has been laid down according to the relevant report, the 3-dimensional model is realized and all the drawings are generated from it.
Stara Glass prefers to use a 3D modeling instead of the 2D CAD because:


  • the realization times do not change
  • the possibility of error in plan laying down and volume computing drastically decreases
  • any variation in the model is automatically transferred to the plans and to the relevant dimension notes
  • in addition to plans, the Customer receives an explorable 3D model of the furnace, without the need of buying any software or license
  • modern modeling programs are implemented with many applications allowing Stara Glass designers and researchers to perform structural computing and calculations about thermo-fluid dynamics directly on the model

Stara Glass Technical Department and Research and Development Department are constantly involved in updating Stara Glass Construction Standard, which defines the solutions we consider optimal, from a structural and thermodynamic point of view. These solution are applied in absence of specific design restrains. Stara Glass design philosophy anyway always foresees a direct dialogue with mangers and technicians of the plant to design in order to identify the best solution from the most macroscopic aspect to the least detail of the furnace.

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