Minotauro and Ciclope


minotauro_medio.jpg- The hybrid evolution of Unit Melter Technology

- The optimum solution for borosilicate glass

- The only way to achieve a >900°C combustion air in a recuperative side-fired glass furnace with distributor

Minotauro is a new solution for heat recovery in continuous glass furnaces: common Unit Melter heat recovery systems consist in a double stage metal recuperator made of a tube-nest parallel-flow recuperator and a parallel-flow or counterflow double-shell metal recuperator. In Minotauro hot stage, the tube-nest recuperator is substituted by a more performing ceramic cross-flow heat exchanger. Thanks to a ceramic distributor, combustion air is delivered to the burners at a temperature > 900°C, thus achieving a huge energy saving without digging any regenerator pit and without giving in to side combustion.

minotauro.jpgMinotauro system has mainly been conceived for borosilicate glass production, for this kind of plant, optimum recovered air temperature is about 900-950°C, in order to guarantee an adequate waste gas exit temperature, thus avoiding the borate condensation into the most critical zones of the plant; for different types of glass, Minotauro can be dimensioned in order to reach an higher preheated air temperature.


Ciclopeis an alternative to Minotauro, that guarantees the same thermal levels and, consequently, similar consumptions; in fact, the heat recovery system is identical to the one described for Minotauro, with a metal exchange system bottoming a continuous ceramic crossflow exchanger. The only relevant difference is that the ceramic distributor, geometrically typical of Unit Melter technology, is here substituted by a port system with underport burners, more similar to End Port technology, but still with a continuous operation.

A heat exchanger, of the same type of Minotauro in the exchange zone, still receives waste gas from the relative duct but, instead of leading the air inside the distributor, it sends the air to the furnace through two “air ports” which are placed on the sides of the waste gas one, thus generating a M-shaped flame.

Centauro, Minotauro or Ciclope?

To decrease the consumption of a traditional Unit Melter furnace, Stara glass suggests, in general, the usage of Centauro technology, which is extremely robust and has very high performances. We mainly suggests Minotauro and Ciclope for borosilicate glass production. Between the two, we suggest Ciclope for bigger furnaces, where the M-shaped flame can regularly develop and be discharged, but we recommend Minotauro for smaller furnaces and to all glass producers that want to overcome the performance of previous Unit Melter, without giving in to side combustion.

SNCR (Selective non-catalytic reduction)

All Stara Glass hybrid heat recovery technologies, Centauro, Minotauro and Ciclope, can be dimensioned in order to achieve, in the duct leading waste gas from ceramic to metallic part, a temperature window which is compliant with the usage of a non-catalytic system for NOx abatement. This way, it is possible to face the more and more restrictive laws about nitrogen oxides industrial production avoiding the significant costs and plant complications that are related to the setup of a SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system.

For a more detailed description, please download the below Minotauro and Ciclope presentation.

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