Heat balance

thumb_hb.jpgStara Glass' personnel is highly qualified in the working out of the heat balance on operating plants.
The heat balance is a 3-5 days campaign for measurement of temperature and pressure values and for chemical analyses. These mesurement operations are meant to obtain data that, after an adequate analysis, provide an important evaluation about the furnace efficiency.
For a good control of the furnace and in order to maximize its thermal efficiency, it is very important to perform a regular calculation of its heat balance.
Stara Glass has all the equipment necessary to perform a heat balance (suction and contact thermocouples, absolute and differential pressure measurers, chemical analyzers, etc.); the Customer is only required to put a common compressed-air line and a cold-water line, at Stara Glass technicians’ disposal, for use and cooling of its equipment.
Often, during the last day of heat balance measurements Stara Glass technicians are already able to give the personnel of the glass factory several precious advices to increase the life and/or the efficiency of the plant.
After an analysis of the data reported, the results of the heat balance are submitted to the technicians of the glass factory, together with a range of different solutions, calculated to improve the plant performances in short time and, further, for the next rebuilding campaign.

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